Enabling the future of liquid cooling

Promersion supports the growth and adoption of liquid cooling for datacenters worldwide.

Liquid cooling support

Immersion cooling is on the rise, but this rise comes with a lot of challenges. Promersion understands these challenges and supports and advices OEMs and integrators, as well as end users of various scales with the adoption of a diversity of liquid cooling strategies.

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  • Liquid cooling business case support

  • Liquid cooling deployment strategies

  • Pilot/PoC support

  • Integration of different liquid cooling solutions

  • Facility assessments for liquid cooling

  • Optimization for heat reuse

  • Liquid cooling introductions

  • IT equipment design for immersion

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Investing in liquid cooling

There is a lot of information available on liquid cooling technologies. Seperating facts from fiction is a major challenge, even for the most seasoned investor. Promersion can provide advice on what to look for and assess when considering investments in this domain.

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About Promersion

Promersion is owned by entrepeneur and investor Rolf Brink. Founder and investor of the immersion company Asperitas, and project lead of the OpenCompute Immersion Project.

Rolf has an active and central role in the datacentre industry and is the author of various industry references, guidelines and best practices for immersion and other liquid cooling technologies. Rolf has been a driving force behind the current harmonization of various liquid cooling technologies.





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